JST Review Simulacrum

Post your unified diff here, and the JST Review Simulacrum will pick it apart just like JST would. Well, approximately. It at least does what JST would probably do if he were (for example) reviewing a patch while on a three-week vacation in Europe. If this situation ever arises (as we are sure it will not), come here to get your JST review fix.

If you're looking for source (or a command-line version), look here. Instructions: untar. Run ./jst-review.pl mypatch.patch.

You can upload your patch here:

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Or you can paste it here:

Select which types of error you want to see here:

* This product is meant as an educational tool and aid to development. It has not received an official endorsement to perform an actual r= by jst. Anyone using it as such will have to answer to him. It will not be pretty. The author shudders at the potentially gargantuan non-prettiness of this event. We may even go so far as to call it ugly. If you do this, the author will probably not want to stand near you or any of your loved ones for at least a 72-hour cooling-off period.

Other problems this script does not address but JST just might put you in the corner for:

jkeiser@iname.com is the guy you should yell at if this don't work for you or if the grammar ain't quite correct. Thanks go to sicking@bigfoot.com as well. Copyleft 2001.