• Server

    The most common HTTP errors

    What is HTTP ? Most of us have been met those errors “400 Bad Request”,”500 Internal Server Error”,”502 Bad Gateway” here I will get you know all about them how to fix…

  • Edubuntu

    Linux Edubuntu for Education, Why You Should Try?

    Nowadays we can see most of schools aim to use the new technologies to support their students and increase their productivity so here we introduce Edubuntu another flavour from ubuntu Edubuntu Its…

  • ubuntu release

    Ubuntu 15.10 reviews: what’s new

    Ubuntu the simplest and the most famous one, a new version have been released as we mention in the last topic Ubuntu release after six month of waiting from all the ubuntu…

  • CMS, Server

    How to setup WordPress on my linux server

    About WordPress WordPress is the most common content management system, There are about 24 million active WordPress sites on the web according to the freemius.com numbers, Also you can find over than…

  • linux tips
    Server, Web Server

    Linux Commands Tips and tricks

    linux commands are endless even if you’re a linux admin you can’t remember them all but there are some tricks you will need it if you work on servers usually Basic server…

  • Server

    How To Install and Setup VirtualMin On Centos

    About Virtualmin Virtualmin is a powerful and flexible web server administration tool, enables you to manage Apache, Nginx, PHP, DNS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, mailboxes, FTP, SSH, SSL, Subversion/Git repositories and many more, In…